Morning Buzz 4/14: News from the 62nd Legislature

Posted on April 14, 2011


Personalities and policy mesh as the end of the Legislature’s 90 days get within spitting distance. Gov. Brian Schweitzer vetoed a raft of GOP bills with a hot branding iron on Wednesday. Here is the Great Falls Tribune story about the show.

There were 17 bills vetoed in all, but some got only the pen instead of the hot iron. Among those was the measure to repeal the medical marijuana law. Associated Press writer Stephen Dockery reported on that.

The AP also reported on a move to study childhood trauma.

Charles Johnson, of the Lee State Bureau, wrote about the passage of a bonding bill for new state buildings.

Mike Dennison, also of the bureau, reported on the biggest question mark in the budget, the bills that go with and dictate the details of spending.

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