Morning Buzz 2/16: Session News and Top Hearings

Posted on February 16, 2011


Democrats plan to reveal their own revised revenue estimates late this morning, reported the Independent Record.

Charles Johnson, of the Lee Bureau, reported on the two different estimates of the cost of medical marijuana repeal that emerged in committee Tuesday, a move to make District Court and Supreme Court justice elections partisan in Montana,  and a measure to legalize another type of video gambling machine in Montana.

Mike Dennison, also of the bureau, had stories on a move to prohibit Montana from establishing a key part of federal health care reform, and another about the Schweitzer administration saying the state needs to put an additional $80 million toward Medicaid to make ends meet during the next two years.

The Associated Press had stories on GOP-proposed malpractice reforms, support for a new prescription-drug registry, support for a harsher penalty for driving while excessively drunk, and the Senate passing a repeal of the death penalty.  AP also covered Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s signing of an executive order to stop the slaughter of Yellowstone bison for 90 days, a bill to give the state eminent domain power over federal land, and several more immigration bills.

And John S. Adams, of the Great Falls Tribune, had a story on a resolution to require state approval before a national monument is put within its borders.

Top Hearings


Taking out $90 million in general bonds for new state buildings will be discussed at 3 p.m. in 102.


Limiting police firearm seizure and enacting an interstate compact for enforcement of firearms freedom laws will be discussed at 8 a.m. in room 137.

Allowing legislators and security with concealed carry permits to carry a weapon inside the Capitol will be discussed at 8 a.m. in room 303.

A list of all hearings can be found here.

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