House Rejects Bill Requiring Ultrasound Before Abortion

Posted on February 11, 2011


HELENA – Twenty-one Republicans joined House Democrats Friday to kill a measure requiring that a woman undergo an ultrasound examination and have the results of an ultrasound described to her before she could get an abortion.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Pat Ingraham, R-Thompson Falls.  She and the bill’s supporters argued that the measure would show pregnant women what was at stake in abortions – the life of an unborn child.

But Rep. Walter McNutt, R-Sidney, opposed the bill, saying that it would give government a power it shouldn’t have and that was shocked the measure came from his party, which claims to want less government intrusion in citizen’s lives.

“I cannot believe the bill is even here,” McNutt said.

Rep. Jeff Welborn, R-Dillon, said the procedure was too invasive.

“This is adding more layers of government intrusion that’s simply beyond the scope of reasonableness,” he said. “This in the end won’t save a single child.  If it’s less government that we want, this isn’t the bill to get us to that end.”

House Bill 280 failed 47-53, with 21 Republicans crossing the aisle to join Democrats in opposition.

by Cody Bloomsburg and Brittany Wooley

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